The Power of Habit
A review of

The Power of Habit

Why We Do What We Do and How to Change

You Can Change

by David Meyer

Charles Duhigg analyzes how your brain forms habits, how companies also form habits, and how people and organizations can choose new, more healthful behaviors.

Ever wonder why some people adopt a healthier lifestyle or realize professional achievement, while others flail and fail? Author Charles Duhigg attributes this to habit and explains that successful people learn to control and change their habits.

First, he says, they understand how the three steps of the “habit loop” – “cue, routine and reward” – determine what people do without thinking. He contends that if you analyze how undesirable habits such as overeating, excess drinking or smoking operate in that loop by satiating cravings, you will be better equipped to control habits that seem to control you. Duhigg’s fun, educational book will help anyone seeking self-improvement.

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