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The Speaker’s Coach book summary

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Making strong presentations requires talent and expertise, but anyone who works at it can develop this capability and knowledge, and become a compelling speaker. If you know what to say and do at the podium, you can win over any audience, says Graham Shaw, an in-demand speaker and public speaking coach. He takes readers behind the scenes and shares the top secrets great speakers use to deliver powerful presentations.


About the Author

Graham Shaw is an international speaker, speaker coach and communication specialist. You can see his popular TEDxHull and TEDxVienna talks on the TED website.


Quality presentations require careful preparations, plenty of practice and a strong performance.

In today’s corporate world, being able to create and deliver a memorable, effective presentation turns out to be a vital skill no matter your rank or position. Good public speakers motivate people to pursue important goals, lead teams more effectively and enhance their own career prospects. Seasoned speakers recognize that making a powerful presentation has three main elements: getting ready, practicing and presenting.

To become a strong presenter, watch great speakers deliver their messages.

To give the most compelling speech possible and to gain your audience’s attention, begin by studying the methods and techniques of effective presenters. Observe with care how they deliver their talks. Learn from them. An excellent place to start is by checking out TED Talk presenters online.

Engrossing, informative public speakers don’t offer stiff, formal presentations. They engage in informal, friendly, candid conversations with their audiences. They convey compelling stories, not just data alone. When they...

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    O. S. 9 months ago
    Very useful. Good explanation. Yes, practice, practice and practice is important to build & improve self confidence.
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    E. M. 1 year ago
    Very interesting
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    M. D. 2 years ago
    Quite relevant and explained beautifully

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