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The Wizard of Oz with Markus Bernhardt

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The Wizard of Oz with Markus Bernhardt

The Learning Hack Podcast Episode #82

John Helmer Consulting,

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Learn how new AI developments may affect adaptive learning systems.

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Learn more about the potential and challenges that lie ahead for adaptive learning and its intersection with AI. In this episode of The Learning Hack, host John Helmer delves into adaptive learning systems and their connection to AI with the Chief Evangelist of adaptive vendor Obrizum, Markus Bernhardt. Helmer and Bernhardt explore whether adaptive learning’s future looks promising or apocalyptic in light of recent AI developments. Bernhardt provides some reassurance while also highlighting crucial concerns related to AI’s use in corporate settings – including its accuracy and reliability.


Adaptive AI can personalize learning at scale.

Adaptive and generative AI technologies have the potential to change corporate learning dramatically. AI systems can construct instructional maps and deliver adaptive workbooks to learners by analyzing and connecting related topics. It can act as an individual human tutor might, providing tailored exercises, content and practice questions based on learners’ strengths, weaknesses and progress while also considering their self-reported confidence levels.

In this way, the technology works similarly to satellite navigation, pinpointing where learners are and where they want to go. This unique approach can maximize learners’ competence and confidence, ensuring...

About the Podcast

Author and host John Helmer is a writer and show-runner of The Learning Hack podcast and Markus Bernhardt is the Chief Evangelist of adaptive vendor Obrizum.

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