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Think Big, Act Bigger

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Think Big, Act Bigger

The Rewards of Being Relentless

Entrepreneur Press,

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To think big and act bigger, drop self-imposed barriers. Be the largest version of your authentic self.

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To “think big and act bigger,” identify and abandon your “self-imposed barriers.” Bloomberg TV host and former Eastman Kodak marketing chief Jeffrey Hayzlett urges you to act courageously and demolish the obstacles you’ve put in your own path. And, he says, your company can do the same. Working with business writer Jim Eber, Hayzlett urges you to refashion the narratives that keep you from living large. He uses engaging anecdotes to demonstrate that you can achieve your goals while remaining true to yourself. His examples also show how to inspire your employees to break through their limits. 


To “think big and act bigger,” abandon restrictive narratives and self-imposed barriers.

Many readers learned about the connection between thinking and wealth from Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich. Thinking big and acting bigger means knowingly abandoning restrictive narratives and self-imposed barriers. Thinking big helps you become the largest and most superlative variant of your authentic self.

In business, you sabotage yourself when you can’t find the willpower to fulfill that commitment to yourself. History is full of companies that failed to adapt to changing markets and, thus, failed to remain the largest version of themselves. Many businesses don’t know what they want to achieve. To think and act big, find your focus, be courageous and attack any impediments in your path.

If you tell yourself that you’re going to fail, you won’t dare to think and live large.

The stories you tell – your personal narratives – have tremendous power. They help shape your choices from the simplest to the most complex. You exist in a constantly unfolding narrative, though you may not realize it. Examine and refashion...

About the Author

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a TV and radio show host, a keynote speaker and a former Eastman Kodak chief marketing officer. He has written several best-selling books. Jim Eber is a veteran business marketing writer. This is their third co-authored book.  

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