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Turn Clicks Into Customers

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Turn Clicks Into Customers

Proven Marketing Techniques for Converting Online Traffic into Revenue


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Yes, you can make money online – here’s how.

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Google and other search engine companies carefully guard their algorithms – the precious crown jewels that compute at least 200 different search factors in mysterious ways. In any company, only a handful of select search engine professionals have access to their firms’ “algorithmic string[s].” Such abstruse information incarnates the concealed technical elements of the internet. To succeed online, businesspeople need to understand the internet’s arcana. Search engine optimization guru Duane Forrester proves a seasoned and savvy guide. His comprehensive, minutely detailed book will help you knowledgeably navigate online to realize the maximum return from your internet activities and expenditures. Forrester shows you how to convert web page visitors into paying customers, and how to make money with email campaigns, online videos, blogs, online advertising placements, webinars and more. getAbstract finds that his book is ideal for this purpose. Read it and reap!


Get Them to Visit, Then Close The Deal

Some 30% to 70% of all the people who visit your website want to purchase what you have to sell. If you can convert only 50% of them into buyers on a regular basis, your online operations can become immensely profitable. Monetizing your website involves two primary activities: 1) maximizing the number of visitors and 2) converting as many as possible into customers. To turn lookers into buyers, you must build and maintain a good website. Visitors to compelling, educational and simple websites spend more time at those sites. This impresses search engines. Visitors who click “the ‘back’ button” do not impress them. Search engines translate rapid departures to mean that visitors did not find what they want. This negatively affects a website’s rankings by search engines.

“Search Marketing”

Search marketing involves search engine optimization through both “organic search marketing,” which delivers results over an extended period, and “paid search marketing,” which provides quick results. A quality search-marketing program involves both organic and paid search marketing.

Organic search is built on “the five pillars...

About the Author

Duane Forrester, a Microsoft senior program manager, heads up the internal SEO program for MSN. A SearchEngineLand.com contributor, he also wrote How to Make Money with Your Blog.

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