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Unlimited Sales Success

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Unlimited Sales Success

12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible


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10 ideas fundamentales
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Learn about these proven strategies to help you sell your way to the top.

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Sales can be a challenging profession, as Brian Tracy well knows. But because Tracy is a sales-training superstar, he also knows that companies often fail to give their salespeople even the basic tools they need to follow in his footsteps. This collection of sales advice, which he co-authors with his son Michael Tracy, offers solid sales insights and training, broken down into useful discussions of 12 sales concerns. While these concepts are built on old-school truisms (that classic close is downright venerable), they are clear, tested, useful and professionally reasoned. getAbstract believes that salespeople can benefit from this well-informed, basic strategy lesson and pep talk from the house of Tracy. Read this book, and you’ll really know your territory.


You Can Make a Fortune in Sales

To prosper in sales, you must be adaptable enough to handle steadily increasing competition, uncertain market conditions and customers who always demand more, including lower prices. Sales professionals must know and understand their customers. Companies spent upward of $8 billion on market research in 2012 to identify their clients and to learn what they care about most. With tougher prospects and more competition, expect to make repeated sales calls – four or five, on average – to any one client. To succeed in sales, study and understand these 12 concerns:

1. “The Psychology of Selling”

First, understand that only 20% of salespeople close 80% of the deals and get 80% of the returns. The 80/20 rule also applies to sales techniques, where emotion accounts for 80% of any successful sale. To succeed, you need to be self-confident, think well of yourself and have a positive attitude. This will make you feel good about your prospects and customers. In return, they will feel good about you. Successful salespeople are ambitious, courageous and committed to their work; they want to be the best and they don’t fear failure. Professional...

About the Authors

Brian Tracy is chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a sales training firm. Michael Tracy is vice president of Analog Analytics, a “software-as-a-service” company.

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