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Your Creative Career

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Your Creative Career

Turn Your Passion into a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Lifestyle

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The founder of a successful jewelry brand explains how to turn your talent into a business.

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Anna Sabino, founder of the jewelry brand Lucid New York, transformed herself from a jewelry designer into a lifestyle designer. She hopes to inspire fellow artists and innovators to pursue creative careers doing what they love. She identifies the obstacles – many self-imposed – that keep people from turning their artistry into a business, and offers anecdotes and solutions. She supplies practical business advice on pricing, branding, sales, inventory management and mastering social media. Sabino tries to cover too much ground, she’s prone to repeating certain themes and the proofreading isn’t exactly polished, but the book is warm and helpful nonetheless. getAbstract believes those yearning to turn a passion into a profitable business will savor Sabino’s encouragement, tough love and insider tips.


“Dream Doers”

Living a life that aligns with your creative aspirations isn’t easy. Following the pack, working a safe job and collecting a steady paycheck is simpler. But to design a life that fulfills your creative spirit, you need to measure your success according to your values and priorities.

“What should I do with my life?” is a daunting question. Instead, consider what type of work excites you, how you could make a worthwhile contribution or what activities you gravitate toward. This will help you define your endgame and will enable you to work backward from your goals through the steps you’ll need to take to get there. Designing a creative career is not a linear process. It has peaks and valleys, detours and wrong turns. The journey itself has value. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge. Gain hands-on experience, refine your talents and sharpen your skills.

If you’re a “dream squeezer,” you yearn to live a creative lifestyle, but you can’t give up the security of a safe career. Instead, you express your creativity in your off-hours, squeezing in moments between the perks and demands of a steady job. “Dream...

About the Author

Anna Sabino is the founder of the jewelry brand Lucid New York and a certified career coach.

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