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The Psychology of Online Shopping and What Your Business Needs to Know About It

Nicholas Brealey Publishing,

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Internet psychologist Graham Jones shows you how to “click” with online shoppers.

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Online retailing has an enormous impact on the way people around the globe make purchases. Experts agree that the volume of online shopping will continue to increase at tremendous rates over the next few years. Yet many businesses struggle to adjust while clinging to offline strategies long proven to be ineffective online. This lag between online retail practice and online retail reality creates opportunities for enterprising, Internet-knowledgeable businesses, and will make others obsolete. Internet psychologist Graham Jones explores shoppers’ online behavior, shows where many online retailers fall short and provides a practical business model for any type of company. This comprehensive how-to book is instructive rather than engaging, but getAbstract recommends Jones’s insights to anyone operating or investing in online retail.



Millions of people around the globe spend billions of dollars shopping online. Experts predict that 20% of shopping will take place online by 2015. Yet many traditional businesses fail to translate the success of their brick-and-mortar stores to the virtual world of online shopping. Older strategies that proved successful offline do not work online, and vice versa.

People behave and respond differently online than they do when they shop in brick-and-mortar locations. Knowing those differences and understanding the psychological drivers of web-based shopping allow you to construct online stores that fulfill your customers’ functional, practical and emotional needs. This is the basis of the “CLICK” system:

  • “Convenient” – Shopping from home online is handy by definition. It encompasses ease of navigation, speed and delivery. To qualify as convenient, online stores must provide extensive variety or satisfy a niche sector.
  • Likable – If you want customers to like you, like them first. Ensure that your site meets your customers’ specific needs, is easy to use, and offers generous terms and exemplary customer service. Enable shoppers...

About the Author

Graham Jones is a psychologist specializing in Internet usage and the author of 29 books. He is an associate lecturer at the Open University and a popular consultant and speaker.

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