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Future Skills

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Future Skills

The 20 Skills and Competencies Everyone Needs to Succeed in a Digital World


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You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it with these 20 essential skills for the digital age.

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Every day, new technologies emerge, changing how people work, communicate, travel and live. You might find this change overwhelming as jobs become automated and machines learn to act more like humans. But fear not; world-renowned futurist Bernard Marr explains the skills that will allow you to thrive in the days to come. Learn what technologies you need to master, and how to improve your critical thinking, strengthen your interpersonal relations and increase your cultural awareness. Marr’s accessible approach helps make embracing changing times more simple and enjoyable.


The future of work may seem daunting, but people with the right skills will thrive.

Emerging technologies have dramatically changed work over the past decade. This trend will only accelerate in the future, with one report predicting that 85% of future jobs do not even exist yet. You may find this fact daunting; but, in practice, the rise of automation and more sophisticated AI will make work more fulfilling for humans. Humans do need to master certain skills to thrive in this new environment, but you may not need as much in-depth technological know-how as you might imagine. Indeed, many of the most sought-after abilities will be soft skills like emotional intelligence and creativity. To ensure you’re ready for the future of work, aim to equip yourself with these 20 essential skills:

Skills 1-4 – You need basic digital, data, technological and cybersecurity skills to work in almost any field.

Today’s fast-paced world demands the ability to interact with technology confidently, no matter your type of work. People describe the majority of jobs that require a college education as “digitally intensive.” Connecting...

About the Author

Futurist Bernard Marr also wrote Business Trends in Practice; Data Strategy; and Artificial Intelligence in Practice.

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