Summary of I've seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They've Got Nothing on You!

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I've seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They've Got Nothing on You! book summary
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A fitness trainer to major Hollywood celebrities and entrepreneurs, Jake Steinfeld mixed personal moxie and bodybuilding to become a self-made multimillionaire. His story, an easy-to-read blend of pluck and luck, is inspirational, upbeat and energizing. He tells good name-dropping yarns about film producer Steven Spielberg and TV producer Aaron Spelling, among others, but he also refers to his grandmother and his parents as major influences. He intersperses his biography with useful, interesting facts for entrepreneurs, including business plan tips and ideas for funding sources. Steinfeld’s story is motivational, and you will come to like him and respect him as an interesting, energetic businessman as you read. As a result, recommends this as perfect reading material while you jog on the treadmill or dream about building your empire. This book is especially appropriate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Both optimistic and informative, it will pump you up.

About the Author

Jake Steinfeld, founder and chairman of Body By Jake Global LLC, is a fitness icon. In 1993, he launched FitTV, which he sold. He is now launching Exercise TV!, a fitness-on-demand network. He founded the Don’t Quit! Foundation to address teen fitness, especially in innercity schools. He is the author of Get Strong!, Great Future for Teenage Guys, PowerLiving by Jake and Don’t Quit.



Electric Opportunity

How does an unconventional person without a college education succeed in the competitive business world? By using "street-smarts." Becoming motivated enough to start a business and succeed takes time, however, pursuing work that you find meaningful and enjoyable can keep you energized and productive. The journey to personal discovery and entrepreneurship starts in different places. Many people suffer after they become unemployed, and then set out on their own. Others just want to make a change or to do something more meaningful than a humdrum job.

Jake Steinfeld’s journey started when he was 13. He was athletic and popular, although he was "husky" at 180 pounds. His father bought him a barbell set, but he didn’t use it for months. One evening when he was in eighth grade, Steinfeld decided to pick up the barbells. He did some curls and began a process that changed his life. While exercising, he reshaped his mental image of himself and began to feel more self-confident and determined. He began reading about bodybuilding. He lost weight and turned his adolescent roundness into muscle. He began to develop a wider circle of friends. The stutter he had...

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