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Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations

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Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations

How to Put CSR at the Heart of Your Company and Maximize the Business Benefits

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An authentic corporate social responsibility (CSR) program helps you connect with customers.

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Business leaders may think that a good public relations (PR) campaign can replace a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, but Sangeeta Waldron explains this is not so. As her interviews with global CSR investment leaders show, investors, stakeholders, employees and customers prioritize CSR when deciding where to put their money, time and energy. Younger generations are choosing to work for and invest in companies with solid CSR programs. Waldron explains how to align an effective CSR program with your organization’s strategy.


The economic impact of COVID-19 may teach companies the value of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

Customers paid attention to how companies responded to the COVID-19 crisis. Many corporations, across a variety of industries from food to fashion to tech companies, stepped up to address the difficulties the pandemic caused.

When politicians needed to work in unison globally, they mostly failed, but the business community met the challenge directly.

The year 2020 underlined that brands must position CSR at the core of their strategic thinking. Customers today are astute in distinguishing between real and fake sustainability efforts.

Strong commitment to CSR attracts investors and consumers.

The United Nations describes CSR as the actions companies take to incorporate addressing social and environmental issues into their operations. This triple bottom line tracks profits along with social and environmental concerns. When international investors evaluate companies, they assess their sustainability practices.

Larry Fink, CEO of the investment management firm BlackRock, said in 2020 that sustainability will...

About the Author

PR professional Sangeeta Waldron is also the author of The PR Knowledge Book. She writes frequently on sustainability and CSR issues.

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