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Demystifying IT

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Demystifying IT

The Language of IT for the CEO


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Better collaboration between IT and business leaders leads to more effective digital initiatives.

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Information technology is an indispensable tool. But, as IT consultants Bhopi Dall and Saurajit Kanungo note, business leaders often take an overly narrow or risk-averse view of IT’s role and, thus, fail to leverage its capabilities fully. The answer, they argue, lies in better collaboration between IT and business leaders and a solid road map for pursuing digital projects. The authors discuss how to assess your company’s IT maturity, offer case studies of successful IT ventures – and analysis of failed ones – and provide tips for facilitating greater understanding between IT and corporate executives.


Information technology is an indispensable tool in all business areas.

Today, Information Technology (IT) plays a pivotal role in company operations and customer interactions. Whether you sell fish, furniture or insurance, your business should harness IT intelligently and prioritize technology in its strategies.

Amazon’s debut as an online bookstore illustrates this concept. Jeff Bezos chose to sell books not because he loved them, but because they were an ideal product for testing and developing his technology-driven vision of an online sales platform. Books ship easily – without spoilage or damage – and people rarely return them. Over time, Amazon’s technological innovations have become its most valuable asset. For example, Amazon Web Services, which originated from the IT infrastructure the company initially built to meet its operational needs, is now Amazon’s most profitable division.

Avoid two traps that keep firms from fully harnessing their IT capabilities: executives’ ignorance and executives’ fear due to previous IT failures.

In many companies, the IT department plays...

About the Authors

Founder Bhopi Dall and president Saurajit Kanungo work together at CG Infinity, an international IT consulting firm that helps mid-market leaders leverage IT for innovation and competitive advantage.

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