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How to Say Anything to Anyone

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How to Say Anything to Anyone

A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work

Greenleaf Book Group,

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Improve your workplace relationships and build trust with clear, mutually supportive communication.

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Communication consultant Shari Harley says today’s workplace lacks crucial candor, and she tells you what to do about it. Everyone would enjoy healthier business interactions if they spoke their minds honestly and openly, and knew that their co-workers would do the same. Harley shares several simple steps to help you initiate and nurture more honest office communication. Her points are quite clear, even when her text proves repetitive. getAbstract recommends Harley’s insightful and useful tips – despite whatever initial awkwardness following them might generate – and recognizes that even if you can’t be completely honest with absolutely everyone, a more straightforward workplace remains a worthy goal.


“How to Establish Candid Relationships”

Create a platform for honest relationships from the moment you start to work with someone. Take these steps to create a pattern of candor:

  • “Set expectations” – Lay the groundwork with your co-workers before problems arise. Let everyone know you want positive working relationships. Discuss “roles and responsibilities,” and explain how you plan to interact. Mutually agree to exchange open, honest feedback and to not take “anything personally.” Decide how often these talks will take place and who will run them. Even if you’ve worked with several co-workers for a while, your relationships can be more open. Welcome their concerns and explain that you would like them to be open to your feedback, as you will be open to theirs. Encourage everyone to speak up if a project goes awry. Tell your staffers to let you know if you overstep the boundaries you set. This conversation helps limit the misunderstandings that can derail working relationships. Periodically touch base with others about your performance. “Priorities change”; what you agreed on long ago may no longer fit.
  • Understand “the consequences of insufficient...

About the Author

Consultant Shari Harley founded Candid Culture, a firm that teaches honest communication.

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    H. A. 8 years ago
    I do not agree with everything in this abstract, but I can still understand what she is trying to convey.