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A Leader’s Playbook for Serial Success


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Learn the basics of enterprise leadership and corporate turnarounds from a Fortune 500 CEO.

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Fred Hassan, chairman of the board of Bausch & Lomb, offers no-nonsense advice on big-business leadership. A credible, experienced guide, Hassan provides a realistic take on the job of the multinational corporate executive. He tells it like it is: Corporate leadership is hard; big firms fail; mergers become quagmires; turnaround efforts falter; the great become the weak; and executive tenure is short. He offers his “Playbook” as an executive tool to show you how to use “attitude and behavior” to change your corporate culture, one person and one team at a time. If you’re keen to take on relentless pressure from investors, regulators and the media, and if you’re up to the perplexing challenges of motivating people amid difficult change, Hassan is the man for you. getAbstract recommends this singular combination of executive manual and personal business chronicle to executives, high-level managers, business students and anyone leading a business, large or small.


The “Playbook”

Corporate success depends on individual achievement, cooperative colleagues and high-performing teams. To lead a faltering company through a successful turnaround or to turn a good organization into a great one, everyone must buy into and share a powerful culture made up of “vision, mission, values and strategic direction.”

An organization’s performance derives from the strength and resilience of its culture and how its people – especially leaders – use the “ABC advantage,” which means using “attitude and behavior” to shape corporate culture. Your employees naturally observe your outlook and actions, look for cues and imitate you. To foment positive corporate cultural change, study yourself. Know your strengths, weaknesses and goals. Work to improve your performance in every arena.

Help those around you do the same. Earn the trust of your team by modeling the attitudes and behavior you expect of them. This creates a cycle of compounding improvement and shapes a culture that creates repeated, sustained success. Author Fred Hassan implemented this system as CEO of the pharmaceutical firm Schering-Plough. Hassan’s attitude and behavior led Schering...

About the Author

Fred Hassan is the former CEO of the pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough, the current chairman of the board of Bausch & Lomb and head of a major private-equity firm.

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