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The Guaranteed Customer Experience

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The Guaranteed Customer Experience

How to Win Customers by Keeping Your Promises

Jeff Toister,

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This practical guide shows you how to grow and retain your customer base.

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Keeping your customers happy often seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to feel that way, explains customer experience consultant and trainer Jeff Toister. To offer a great customer experience, you need to first understand what problem you aim to solve for them. Then, you must make good on your promise to solve that problem. Toister provides basic, workable steps for ensuring your customers stay loyal and “evangelize” for your products. If you find that following the steps Toister outlines fail to grow your customer base, he’ll give you an hour’s free consultation.


Customer service differs from customer experience.

Many people think customer service and customer experience are the same thing. Yet, customer service is only one of the many aspects of customer experience. Customer service usually refers to the help and advice consumers receive when they buy a company’s product or make use of its services.

In contrast, customer experience covers every customer interaction with a company. It includes, for example, a business’s location and accessibility, a store’s layout and style and even the music a store might play. Customer experience also includes the design, quality and usability of products, whether you have the same experience no matter which of a company’s stores you walk into and the reliability of any third parties that provide aspects of your service. Giving customers a great customer experience isn’t about identifying and managing every single interaction a customer has with your company. It involves understanding which one, main problem your business seeks to solve and ensuring you consistently solve this problem for your customers better than your competitors.

Write a customer problem statement. Identify...

About the Author

Jeff Toister is a customer experience author, consultant and trainer.

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