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The Secret Language of Influence

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The Secret Language of Influence

Master the One Skill Every Sales Pro Needs


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Tailor your sales message to your prospect to gain a powerful persuasive tool.

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Author and sales trainer Dan Seidman says salespeople will encounter various kinds of buyers: Some find new ideas exciting, others are suspicious. Some want the big picture, while others prefer the details. Some live by their guts, and others demand statistics and reports. The key to making more sales is figuring out your prospects’ character and matching your dialogue to their individual style. Many of Seidman’s strategies – such as evoking emotions, asking questions, using stories and adopting positive self-talk – form the backbone of good standard sales practices, so if you’re a sales rookie seeking a solid model or a veteran who wants to brush up your skills, getAbstract recommends beginning with this book.


The Rude Awakening

When author and sales trainer Dan Seidman worked as a corporate recruiter, he realized one day that over a three-year period he had left 46 voicemails for a prospect who never returned a single call. He left one more message: “Congratulations!...You have earned our company’s prestigious Most Elusive Prospect Award...I just wanted you to know that nobody in our entire database, with thousands of companies, has ever ignored us as frequently as you. Thanks for not calling.” Within minutes, the prospect returned his call to tell him that he was incredibly rude. But when she cooled down, she saw the humor and called again. Eventually, she became a client.

By doing the unexpected, Seidman caused what psychologists call a “pattern interrupt.” He bumped his prospect off a familiar reaction path, causing her to consider his proposal in a new light. In other words, he applied psychological theory in a sales environment.

Reading Prospects’ Personalities

Five personality-based factors affect how your prospects make decisions. If you can identify where a potential buyer stands on these scales and modify your approach depending on the personality...

About the Author

Dan Seidman is a sales trainer, coach and speaker. His previous books include The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training and Sales Autopsy: 50 Postmortems Reveal What Killed the Sale.

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