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Wired for Disruption book summary

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Executive coach Henna Inam shows how leaders can help their teams deal with change and addresses the biggest disruption firms faced in 2020: COVID-19. Based on neuroscientific evidence and spiked with an array of useful resources, this brief leadership handbook on dealing with disruption in the workplace will prove relevant for leaders navigating complexity and change even beyond the current crisis.

About the Author

Henna Inam is CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc., an executive coach, corporate board member, and former Fortune 500 leader.


Disruptive environments require leaders to focus on five areas: stress, learning, trust, interdependencies and growth.

Changes and disruption now occur so fast that the human mind struggles to keep up. In the workplace, changing working patterns, the advent of artificial intelligence and a move toward more flexible teams go against people’s desire for stability and familiarity. Only through urgent, inspired and selfless individual and collective action will firms and workers survive.

The 2020 pandemic underscored the need for resilience and excellent leadership to help bring out people’s natural ability to change and adapt. Where leaders step up to reassure and inspire their organizations and teams, and inject meaning and shared purpose into the work, companies will cope better and grow stronger amid disruptions such as COVID-19.

Everyone can learn to thrive in disruptive situations. You can train your brain to cope with a faster pace of change and disruption through strengthening your neuroemotional agility – the ability to recognize and work through your nervous system’s different reactions to change. This ability needs practice, however, and leaders must...

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