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The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing

37 Top Network Marketing Income-Earners Share Their Most Preciously-Guarded Secrets to Building Extreme Wealth


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What's inside?

Curious about network marketing? Tap into the wisdom, common sense and sound advice of 37 top network marketers.

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Even more than many other endeavors, network marketing depends upon motivating and recruiting people. You must have a strategy to build a sales network, but developing the right tactics can be difficult. This collection of 37 essays will help anyone entering the network marketing business. Its short chapters, edited by Joe Rubino, cover a range of skills, from building teams and becoming a leader to devising strategy and generating leads. This overview of the most important aspects of network marketing comes from some of the industry’s top performers. The quality of the individual authors’ contributions varies significantly, so the book might have been stronger without certain chapters. Plus, the advice is sometimes contradictory, so readers may have to decide which approaches work for them. However, getAbstract considers this overview of expert guidance very handy for people who are serious about building their own network marketing enterprises.


Learning from the Best

A strong network marketing business evolves from a foundation of perseverance, follow-through and engagement, but those are just the basics. To succeed, you also must be a motivational leader and a teacher, encouraging people to grow professionally. Sponsors and their recruits, or “distributors,” must work together toward a common objective. In addition to knowing your strategic goals, you must master basic skills ranging from marketing and creating leads to closing sales and recruiting new team members.

Prospecting for New Business

Network marketing is a numbers game. Sponsors introduce their business opportunity, whether in cosmetics, fitness supplements or other areas, to as many prospects as possible. Their recruits, in turn, find more distributors. When you teach your team members to train other people, you are creating a perpetual lead-generating machine that will bring you income for years.

Start prospecting by contacting your “warm market,” people you already know who may be “receptive” to your pitch. Learn to make a seven-second presentation saying that you have an opportunity they may find interesting. Then, request that...

About the Author

Dr. Joe Rubino is a marketer and personal development trainer. He is the author of 11 books, including The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty.

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