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Rapidly evolving technology has created a new imperative for people to reskill and upskill throughout their lives.
Help your employees stay competitive by providing them with the knowledge they need, summarized into concise abstracts.

Upskill Your Workforce

Today's business environment is changing so fast that it's hard to keep up. getAbstract keeps your employees informed on the hot topics shaping the business world - and enables them to update their skills in the flow of work.

“getAbstract is my daily digest. The summaries are easy to read and easy to use. This allows us to raise awareness among employees about relevant topics.”

Frédéric Hebert, Head of Digital Learning


Frédéric has thus grappled with a challenge that many L&D experts share: How do you promote curiosity and foster a culture of learning among a diverse, global workforce?


Fostered a learning culture

Increased getAbstract usage by 138%

Supports multinational teams

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“getAbstract brings a huge amount of knowledge, fresh ideas and new perspectives into our learning programs at Atlassian, and it does so in a simple and concise manner.”

B.J. Schone | Digital Learning Manager


Atlassian faces the challenge of integrating significant numbers of new employees into its rapidly growing workforce every month.


Facilitates self-directed learning

1/3 of employees use getAbstract

Easy integration into LMS

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“The client relationship we have with getAbstract allows us to get the most benefit from our investment.”

Treacy Stewart, Director, Global Learning and Performance


To create a new culture of employee engagement, Mondelez faces the challenge of developing the company?s global workforce and encouraging curiosity among employees.


Trust-based Partnership with Customer Success Team

Blended Learning through online- and offline activities

Seamless SSO Integration

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“getAbstract certainly supports our goal of making learning 'easy, attractive, social and timely'.”

Peter Yarrow, Global Head of Learning & Proposition


Standard Life Aberdeen recognized that when going through a sustained period of change, it was essential to provide relevant development support.


70% growth in usage

Self-directed learning as part of the change management process

Quick Access to compressed expert knowledge

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Curated Knowledge

Our expert editorial team curates and summarizes the best business knowledge so your workforce can rely on trusted, current content.

Engaging Tools

Our unique suite of products takes employee learning to the next level by developing learning habits, encouraging discussions and guiding abstract selection. Learn more >>

Dedicated Guidance

Our trained Customer Success Managers work with you to suggest solutions based on your company's needs and provide ongoing support as you create learning initiatives.

Customized Experiences

Our Corporate Portal enables you to customize your employees' learning journey to match your company's initiatives and goals.

Ever-Growing Library

Our library is constantly expanding, with new content added every day. getAbstract's concise summaries span a broad range of topics from sources such as books, videos, articles and podcasts. With content offered in seven languages, our library caters to a global user base.

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