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What is a summary?

With so much relevant knowledge out there, you could be reading all day long, every day. But who has the time? At getAbstract, we developed a highly efficient method to summarize knowledge. getAbstract summaries are compact, easy to digest and short enough to read in just 15 minutes. Every getAbstract summary contains:

1. Rating:
Learn about the must reads in every category

2. Recommendation:
Find out why the content is relevant to you 

3. Take-Aways:
Grasp the main learning points at a glance

4. Summary
Absorb the essence of the content in 10 minutes or less 

Read the most compelling quotes from the original book,  article,  video or podcast

6. About the Author:
Learn about the authors’ professional background 

7. Source Link:
Find the original book, article, video or podcast

Corporate Benefits:

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We help you tailor our learning solution to your company’s needs.

Seamless Integration 

Corporate solution integrates into your LXP and LMS systems.

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive tools to manage users, tailor content and measure impact.

Learning Tools

Visual learning guides, reading sprints and discussion tools foster a lively learning culture and promote self-directed learning. 

The best way to understand the value of a summary is reading one:

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Curation and writing  by human experts, not machines 

Human experts are indispensable for summarizing knowledge professionally. They think in multiple levels of abstraction and excel at paraphrasing the core concepts of the source while staying true to the original.

Our highly trained writing professionals tease out authors’ main ideas and explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. They create summaries that inform, instruct, and inspire. getAbstract's tried and true Editorial process, driven by humans, delivers trustworthy content. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting better at extracting meaning from sources. It is helpful as an assistant in the editing process but still lacks humans' nuanced understanding. getAbstract is dedicated to providing its users with high-quality, engaging content. Therefore, while we’re always experimenting with the latest technology, all our summaries are still written by human experts.

Meet our editors

getAbstract’s editorial team draws on 20 years of experience in curating and compressing knowledge. Our editors and subject area specialists scour the web and peruse book publishing catalogues to find the most relevant and engaging content out there:

Reviews from our users

After using getAbstract now for almost a year, I want to send you this unsolicited testimonial. You’ve created a superb service for busy executives – and many others. Not only have you selected a range of books of great relevance to my varied interests, but your summaries are right on: concise, accurate and very useful.

getAbstract provides an excellent service to anyone who needs to know the central messages of a complex matter fast. I’ve used their abstracts extensively, both in the classroom as well as in the field.

When we introduced the getAbstract service to our management family, it was an immediate success. Many of our managers wrote me to laud the comprehensive library of selections presented in an intuitive format. The quick read and the concise summary of key points is perfect for the pace of today's business environment. And I mean it!

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