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Ultimate Presentations

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Ultimate Presentations

Master the Art of Giving Fantastic Presentations and Wowing Employers (Ultimate Series)

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Jay Surti provides a thoughtful, well-structured primer on how to refine your presentations.

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You must develop skills that set you apart. The capacity to communicate and make a great presentation gives anyone in business a significant advantage. Coach and mentor Jay Surti provides many helpful suggestions about how to structure a presentation, prepare for a job interview, engage an audience with questions and use stories to get your message across. Before you start prepping PowerPoint slides, Surti urges you to prepare an outline of exactly where you want your presentation to go and what you want to accomplish.


The ability to create a strong presentation is a survival skill.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, employers expect their staff members to possess demonstrable extra skills beyond their job descriptions. Contemporary jobs often demand excellent communication and presentation skills. Becoming a sound presenter will raise your profile and enhance your personal brand. Seize opportunities for public speaking while remaining aware that making a favorable impression hinges on your ability to craft and deliver an effective presentation.

In their book The Start-Up of You, Reid Hoffman, who helped found LinkedIn, and co-author Ben Casnocha suggest thinking of yourself in commercial terms. That means acting as the manager and cultivator of your personal brand. They urge you to develop skills that set you apart, particularly the ability to communicate and speak well in public. Regardless of job title or industry sector, almost everyone is in the business of selling – even if you’re only selling yourself – and selling requires presentation skills. 

Plan and rehearse...

About the Author

Coach and mentor Jay Surti, trains business professionals. She also wrote The Presentation Book, and she teaches at York St. John University.

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