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Building Belonging for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

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Building Belonging for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

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Personal life and work life have become more entwined than ever – and your workplace can benefit as a result.

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After Sarah Lux-Lee had her first baby, she wondered why her two worlds – that of a high-powered intellectual property lawyer, and that of a dedicated parent – had so little overlap. Wouldn’t it be better if people brought their whole selves to work? This idea spurred her to create workplace development organization Mindr. In this Google Talk, Lux-Lee and Google’s director of global partnerships, Bethanie Baynes, discuss why maintaining a sharp divide between work and home isn’t only impossible, it’s undesirable. Employees do their most creative work when they can draw inspiration from their diverse personal experiences.


Companies benefit when employees bring their full selves to work.

After becoming a mother, Mindr founder and CEO Sarah Lux-Lee found herself pondering how encouraging employees to bring their full selves to work might benefit employees and employers alike. Employees’ full selves include the characteristics and experiences that arise from their personal lives: parenthood, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, veteran status and disability. 

According to 93% of the organizations surveyed by Deloitte’s 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report, employees’ sense of belonging is essential to organizational performance. And when a company helps all kinds of people feel like they belong, they yield even greater dividends. According to McKinsey...

About the Speaker

Guest Sarah Lux-Lee is the founder and CEO of Mindr, a workplace development consultancy committed to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Mindr has worked with Google, Facebook, Citibank, NASA and the United Nations. Google Talks host Bethanie Baynes is the director of global partnerships at Google and the founder of Breadwinning Women, an employee resource group at Google.

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