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Coach Yourself to Win

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Coach Yourself to Win

7 Steps to Breakthrough Performance on the Job and in Your Life


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Can’t afford a life coach to help you change your behavior? Don’t worry: You can coach yourself.

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Some motivational authors claim that their books, with their snappy covers and glowing recommendations, can change your life – even if their content is as insubstantial as a summer breeze. In contrast, Howard M. Guttman provides a steady stream of valuable content that can help you make your life better. A respected executive coaching expert, Guttman presents seven easy-to-follow steps you can use to coach yourself to achieve lasting positive behavioral change. He delivers invaluable knowledge, wisdom, savvy tips and practical expertise as he explains how to apply proven executive coaching principles to modify your behavior and achieve a happier, more productive life. getAbstract recommends this completely useful self-coaching guide. It will be worth far more than its cover price if you practice its principles.


Do You Really Want to Change?

When it comes to changing behavior, making a resolution to change is easy, but sustaining actual change is remarkably difficult because behavior is habitual.

While people often want to transform their bad behavior, some find it impossible. For instance, people know smoking is dangerous. Yet they keep puffing; smoking kills 438,000 Americans annually.

Nevertheless, many people do accomplish “lasting behavioral change.” often using these relevant change principles:

  • “People can and do make – and remake – themselves” – For proof, visit any Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
  • “Change begins with making choices” – You control your behavior. Lasting change requires you to choose the conduct that you want.
  • “Behavior is what counts” – Why you act a certain way is beside the point. Focus on “how you behave.”
  • “Self-coaching can help you achieve lasting behavior change” – Executive coaching works. Self-coaching is merely a variant of executive coaching.
  • “Self-coaching begins with the thought: ‘Yes, I can’” – Believe in yourself, and all things become possible.

About the Author

Howard M. Guttman, the author of Great Business Teams, heads Guttman Development Strategies Inc., an executive coaching and management-development training firm.

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