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Customer-Driven Transformation

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Customer-Driven Transformation

How Being Design-led Helps Companies Get the Right Services to Market

Kogan Page,

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Use the principles of design thinking to create systems-based services for a better customer experience.

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Consultants Joe Heapy, Oliver King and James Samperi combine decades of experience in applying the principles of design thinking to the creation of systems-based services for a better customer experience (CX). Along with 10 expert contributors, they offer a step-by-step, how-to guide to envisioning, building support for and running superior CX. Though repetitive, their example-rich, illustrated manual is useful for anyone who works on driving greater customer engagement and loyalty.


Using design thinking to create a better customer experience saves you time and money while improving customer engagement and loyalty.

Design thinking doesn’t stop at the aesthetics or the elegance of your product or services. It encapsulates a mind-set that puts customers first, including how they will use what you create and how your product or services map to their needs. It means viewing design as a process that you enter into with your customers, springing off their ideas, feedback and insights.

Design thinking requires you and your workforce to put the customer experience (CX) above all other considerations.

View customer experience holistically.

Customer experience increases in complexity with the level of customization of your services, as opposed to the transactional nature of selling a mass-produced product. The customer experience starts when prospective customers become aware of and begin considering your product or service.

It continues as customers make their first contact with you, consider your offerings, negotiate terms, buy from you and experience your offering as customers, including...

About the Authors

Joe Heapy, Oliver King and James Samperi run Engine Service Design, a UK consulting firm. At Engine, the authors consult with organizations worldwide to help them apply design thinking to improve their customer experience systems.

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    If improving customer engagement and loyalty is a main objective for us as marketers, then I believe that using design thinking to create an outstanding customer experience will get crystal clear better bonds with different customers segments (especially with those busy customers)and consequently will be smart enough to saves time,effort and money while optimising our customers engagement and loyalty.