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Customer Expectations Push Brands to Do Better

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Customer Expectations Push Brands to Do Better


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Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova offers ways to meet and exceed rising consumer demands and expectations.

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Consumers expect businesses to use technology in innovative ways that makes customers’ lives easier. If the experience is anything but easy, intuitive and seamless, you’ll lose your patrons to a more technologically savvy competitor. Yet figuring out how to navigate the myriad technological choices in the best interests of your clients remains quite challenging. According to Salesforce’s innovation evangelist Tiffani Bova, the solution lies in viewing potential technologies through the lenses of “experience, innovation, trust” and “values.”


Four tenets – “experience, innovation, trust” and “values” – ought to inform a business’s decision to incorporate new technologies.

The world is in the throes of the fourth industrial revolution, and the fifth revolution – whereby new digital technologies will emphasize “hyper personalization” – is on the horizon. Education will become fluid and customized, urban environments will know who you are and where you are heading, and health care providers will predict and anticipate what you might need next.

People have become comfortable using digital technologies in their everyday lives. For instance, they’ve grown accustomed to ordering rides through Uber, checking into hotel rooms online, and raising the thermostat in their house from their smartphones. So if your business isn’t using such technologies to deliver frictionless, intuitive interactions, your customers will feel that you don’t care about them. Today’s consumers expect companies of all types and sizes to use technology that rests on the four pillars of experience, innovation, trust and values.

Customers recall their experience with a brand, product or service far longer than...

About the Speaker

Tiffani Bova is the global customer growth and innovation specialist at Salesforce and author of Growth IQ.

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