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Disaster Proof Your Career

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Disaster Proof Your Career

Tactics to Survive, Thrive and Keep Ahead in the Workplace

Kogan Page,

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Embarking on this proactive career management plan helps you seize today and plan for tomorrow.

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Many business experts have written books about career planning in the traditional sense of how to work your way up the corporate ladder. However, the days of working at one company for your entire career are long gone, so you need a new approach to navigating your career path. In this book, writer and consultant Patrick Forsyth expands on the interesting concept of “career management.” This is the “art and science” of attaining a state of constant preparedness for the next big thing, whether the opportunity comes along inside or outside your company. Embarking on this ongoing, lifelong process is essential to staying relevant and highly employable amid the constantly changing demands of the new millennium. You probably won’t experience any “aha!” moments reading this practical, commonsense guide, but it’s a helpful refresher about career-planning principles and pointers. getAbstract feels it serves as a good jumping-off point for anyone hoping to further his or her career.


“The 21st-Century Workplace”

The only thing you can truly count on in business is that tomorrow will not be the same as today. Economic upheavals, rapid technological advances and other changes continually reshape the work world. Managers now face shrinking budgets, growing competition and other challenges. Many organizations are struggling to survive, so their employees’ welfare may not rank high on their priority lists. Thus, staffers must take it upon themselves to safeguard their careers from potential dangers.

So how do you protect your value in your company and in the job market at large? The answer is to stay “career fit.” Performing well in your current position, taking a proactive stance in managing your success, and regularly acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to advance are vital steps. Your goal is to ensure that your superiors have an ongoing awareness of your talent that puts you top-of-mind when a new promotion, appointment or opportunity arises. “Career management” offers a practical approach to developing your abilities and making yourself an essential part of any firm. This approach will enable you to:

  • “Become secure” in your current...

About the Author

Patrick Forsyth runs the U.K.-based Touchstone Training & Consultancy and has written several books, including How to Motivate People and Successful Time Management.

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