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Execution Is the Strategy

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Execution Is the Strategy

How Leaders Achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time


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Here’s the road to execution: Set a simple, agile strategy; align people’s goals to it; and get out of their way.

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Productivity consultant Laura Stack outlines a clear road to execution: Create a simple, straightforward strategy, choose agile methods, align employee goals to the strategy and get out of the way. Many organizations spend too much time planning, meeting and making decisions and too little time executing. In slow organizations that accomplish little, spending more time on planning and strategy may be a waste. Stack’s good examples and clear illustrations will help you develop a streamlined strategy with flexible execution tactics. Unfortunately, few who have followed management best practices for the last 10 years will find any new revelations here. But if you are an inexperienced manager or mired down, Stack will help you develop strategy, set goals and facilitate teamwork. getAbstract finds that she offers wisdom and advice worth acting on.


Strategy, Tactics and Execution

Understand the difference between strategy and tactics. State your goal – for example, getting to work in the shortest time possible. Your strategy might be to avoid bad traffic. Possible tactics might include starting out before rush hour, riding your bike, taking public transportation or using alternative driving routes. Variables will change your tactics: For example, you might not ride your bike in a storm or take side roads after heavy snowfall.


Strategy and tactics work hand in hand. Your methods of strategic execution – tactics – must adapt quickly today to respond to ever-shorter time frames in delivering on strategic initiatives. Your strategy itself must be sound, or your tactics, agility and speed won’t matter. Consistently, focus on acquiring and retaining customers. Good ideas abound, but execution matters more. Use the “L-E-A-D Formula” to structure fast execution:

  • “Leverage” – Hire, train and deploy the right people, then equip them to do the job. Your workforce is your “lever.” Make it more powerful by choosing your people well, developing and engaging them. Coach the actions...

About the Author

Laura Stack is a productivity consultant, coach and speaker and a past president of the National Speakers Association.

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