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Own Your Career Own Your Life

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Own Your Career Own Your Life

Stop Drifting and Take Control of Your Future

Andy Storch,

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Stop drifting through your working years; take charge of your career and start loving your life. 

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Talent development expert Andy Storch has a clear message: Stop drifting through your working years and start proactively crafting the career and life of your dreams. Drawing on personal experience and a wealth of knowledge gleaned from respected career development gurus, Storch offers a clear, step-by-step guide to setting a vision for and taking ownership of your career and life. You will learn effective strategies for time management, networking and nurturing the mind-set to help you accomplish your goals and find fulfillment.


Avoid drifting and establish a vision for your career by setting goals and identifying your core values.

People drift for a number of reasons. In Outwitting the Devil, for example, Napoleon Hill posits that people who drift tend to operate more from fear than faith and are reactive rather than proactive. They conform to others’ expectations – doing what they think they are supposed to do or waiting for someone to give them direction –​​​​​ never giving much thought to how they would actually like to spend their days. Drifters fail to take full responsibility for their lives. They don’t act deliberately to keep moving toward their goals.

To stop drifting, create a vision of the life you desire. This vision, or goal, can change over time, but you should keep it at the forefront of your mind. Your vision can be modest – spend more time with your family – or grandiose – become CEO of your firm. Your vision guides the direction you want your career to go, and allows that goal to shape your choices. Should you accept that promotion? The answer may seem obvious, but...

About the Author

Consultant, coach, author and speaker Andy Storch hosts The Talent Development Hot Seat podcast and founded the Talent Development Think Tank Conference and Community.

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