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Red-Hot Cold Call Selling

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Red-Hot Cold Call Selling

Prospecting Techniques that Really Pay Off


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In-depth look at prospecting, the most difficult but crucial part of the sales process. Never fear cold calling again.

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Picking up the phone and calling a prospect seems like a natural thing for a sales professional to do. Yet, even the best, most seasoned salespeople avoid cold calling to steer clear of rejection. Paul S. Goldner teaches you how to cure your fears and shows you that cold calling is really just a numbers game: A certain number of calls is likely to produce a relative number of appointments and sales. Good prospecting techniques empower you to take control of your sales practices and determine your income. Goldner thoroughly covers every aspect of prospecting, including identifying the best times to call, defining your target market, writing a cold-call script, handling objections and getting past voice mail. Goldner's process will inspire even the most reluctant salesperson to dial that cold call. getAbstract suggests this as a fortifying read for anyone whose income depends on bringing prospects into the sales pipeline.


Why Prospect?

A typical sales process contains six steps: "Planning, prospecting, meeting, recommending, closing and servicing." You cannot move to the third step or beyond without prospecting; it is crucial to the sales cycle. And, if you are not prospecting effectively, you never will become a truly successful salesperson. In fact, prospecting is the best sales activity in which to invest your time. If you make only five calls a day, an easily obtainable goal, you will have made 1,250 calls a year. Even one extra call a day can make an impact.

Fear of Phoning

In spite of new technology and innovations in communication, the telephone remains the best vehicle for making new contacts. And, although prospecting is an essential part of the sales process, many, if not most, salespeople are reluctant to pick up the phone and make a cold call. Why is the fear of phoning so prevalent? It traces directly back to the fear of rejection. How can you overcome this dread? Adjust your preconceived notions regarding cold calling and rejection.

Dialing Equals Dollars

A direct relationship exists between your sales volume and the amount of times you make a call...

About the Author

Paul S. Goldner, a popular speaker, an entrepreneur and a sales trainer, also wrote Red-Hot Sales.

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