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Strategy in the Face of Reality

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Strategy in the Face of Reality

Global Peter Drucker Forum,

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Industry boundaries are dissolving. Find out what this means for your firm’s strategy.

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At 2018’s Global Peter Drucker Forum, a panel of renowned academic and corporate strategists tackled how to shape and execute strategy amid rising “pressure and instability.” The hour-long discussion centered largely on the evolution toward “business ecosystems” and the conceptual framework of competitive “arenas” – ideas vital to any firm’s strategy. Learn how and why these concepts are revolutionizing business.


Amid shifting business environments, company leaders must rethink and refresh their strategy. For instance, as digital technologies forge new ways to connect, savvy companies are shifting away from a device focus and toward one of “business ecosystems” that include hardware, software, digital marketplaces and applications, and other capabilities. Today’s business ecosystems include collaborating firms and influential customers and competitors. Consider how the once inimitable smartphone has faded into the background while Apple, Google, and other ecosystems continue to rise. Competing today means reaching beyond your industry’s boundaries to...

About the Speakers

Michael Jacobides et al. are strategists in the realms of academia and business.

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