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The Gig Mindset Advantage

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The Gig Mindset Advantage

Why a Bold New Breed of Employee is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times

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Gig mind-setters work untethered by tradition and protocol to create, innovate and produce results.

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The rate of change is accelerating, and organizations struggle to keep pace. Those with a business-as-usual attitude will fail to remain relevant, resilient or competitive. Organizational analyst Jane McConnell believes future business success lies hidden within the workforce. Pockets of creative thinkers – “gig mind-setters” – bring a freelancer attitude, evidenced by their ability to adapt, initiate and produce results. 


The “gig mind-set” is a metaphor for a pioneering, results-oriented attitude.

Workers with a gig mind-set bring creative fluidity and nimble problem-solving abilities to an organization. Work cultures that embrace the gig mind-set react quickly and effectively to unforeseen events or market changes. Gig mind-setters challenge entrenched thinking and processes to innovate solutions that make organizations more competitive, forward-thinking and resilient.

As traditional approaches fail to address contemporary issues, organizations will increasingly drive, promote and support a gig mind-set culture.

Gig mind-setters characteristics’ enable them to adapt and innovate to solve complex challenges.

These positive traits define workers with a gig mind-set:

  1. Gig mind-setters embrace “experimentation, testing and learning” and accept failure as part of the process.
  2. Gig mind-setters assemble flexible, skilled teams for specific projects rather than building traditional teams with roles and assignments that a manager sets.
  3. To solicit outside input and ideas, gig mind-setters work openly and let others see ...

About the Author

Author of L’avantage Internet pour l’entreprise, Jane McConnell is a researcher, analyst and strategic adviser for international organizations in health care, industry and retail.

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    E. O. 3 years ago
    Gig mind-set employees don't stay in a company for more than 2 or 3 years. That's why is very important to provide them interesting/challenging jobs, flexibility to work and space to introducing new ideas.
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      3 years ago
      Apologies for this late response. You are absolutely right. Gig mindsetters need to move on because employers do not recognize their value, ...yet!
  • Avatar
    D. B. 3 years ago
    “People with expertise that is in high demand can negotiate and move around easily.”
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      3 years ago
      I missed your comment earlier. I apologize. You are absolutely right. It is much easier for people with expertise in demand to move around. That's one reason I emphasize in the book that individuals needs to be constantly learning, developing their skills, following new trends. I talk about personal brands, recognizing that some people do not like the term, considering it "too marketing", but for me it reflects the reality of the work world today. Personal brands do not have to be, and should not be, self-centered. The skills in one's brand need to include team work and networking skills as well as leadership skills. About leadership, I emphasize that it is not a question of hierarchy, but rather the ability to influence and bring about change from anywhere in the organization.