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The Inspiration Code

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The Inspiration Code

How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day


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To get the most out of yourself, your colleagues and your organization, learn how to inspire.

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Inspired workers are more productive, creative and motivated. Yet leaders can’t mandate inspiration. They must become its catalyst. Through her consulting work, quantitative research and hundreds of interviews, leadership expert Kristi Hedges discovered that conversation is the best way to trigger inspiration. She developed the “Inspire Path” model identifying four inspirational communication behaviors: being “present, personal, passionate and purposeful.” She includes a “concept in action” section to show how to utilize her ideas. Hedges organizes her advice clearly and supports it with good examples. getAbstract finds that her manual is a useful read for anyone who must inspire others, whether you’re a CEO, manager, parent, teacher or salesperson. 


The “Inspire Path”

Every now and then, a conversation becomes a pivotal moment in your life. It makes you look at yourself differently and opens your mind to new possibilities. Afterward, you feel energy, hope and motivation.

Inspirational conversations often precede a change in direction or a big decision. Your partner in this conversation is someone who recognizes your talents and encourages you to articulate and take action on your ambitions. Inspiring conversations don’t focus on advice or mentoring. They invite you to identify your dreams and celebrate your potential.

Inspiring conversations have three components. First, they are transcendent, enabling you to see beyond the everyday so you notice exciting possibilities. Second, they motivate you to act on your vision. Third, you become receptive to their influence, and that evokes a positive response. You can’t make inspiration happen. Instead, something outside yourself acts as a trigger. To inspire others, become a catalyst for insight and creativity.

To inspire someone through conversation, embody the following four traits of the Inspire Path model:

  1. “Present”

About the Author

Kristi Hedges, founding partner in the leadership firm Element North, is a speaker and leadership coach. She also wrote The Power of Presence.

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