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The Procrastination Cure book summary

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Would you love to stop procrastinating, become more productive and have less stress? Productivity expert Damon Zahariades, once a world-class procrastinator himself, can help you accomplish these goals. He explores the nature of procrastination in this comprehensive productivity guidebook, which is light on theory and heavy on best-practice tips. Along with 21 tactics filled with advice you can act on, Zahariades details what constitutes procrastination; why people – you specifically – procrastinate; the blatant and hidden costs of delaying what you know must do; and how to avoid procrastination in the first place.  

About the Author

Damon Zahariades operates the Art of Productivity website and blog and is the author of Morning Makeover: How to Boost Your Productivity, Explode Your Energy and Create an Extraordinary Life – One Morning at a Time! 


Everyone has to deal with procrastination.

“Everyone procrastinates” – including productivity gurus, efficiency experts and time-management consultants. Procrastination is part of human nature. People routinely put things off until later. Procrastination is the most natural – and self-defeating – human activity. Don’t torture yourself about it.

Think of procrastination as “the act of deferring action on something when taking earlier action would arguably have been a better decision.” Everyone understands procrastination. The challenge is how to stop.

Procrastination is a manifestation of inferior decision making.

At its core, procrastination stems from bad decision making. Knowing some background information and some practical productivity tips may enable you make better decisions in the future and stop putting off until forever what you can do right now.

People who successfully teach themselves not to procrastinate uncover their common “procrastination triggers” and then determine how to avoid them.

The jobs and tasks that people anticipate with dread and delay doing often seem ...

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    B. -. 2 years ago
    I was a lifelong procrastinator. This gives me new energy to come back from it.
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    S. D. 2 years ago
    Great book, I am grateful to getabstract to let me know the abstract of this wonderful book. Kudos, team Getabstract.

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