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Make the Most of Your Workday

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Make the Most of Your Workday

Be More Productive, Engaged and Satisfied as You Conquer the Chaos at Work

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You may spend half your waking hours at work; here’s how to make them more satisfying.

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Human resource consultant Mary A. Camuto provides proven strategies and tools you can use to find more satisfaction in your work. She believes you should enjoy your job. She suggests creating a “workday profile” to help you understand your current situation and how you might modify it to suit you better. She offers clear metrics to diagnose what you like and don’t like about the tasks you do. She then details how to plan, begin and implement changes that lead to greater contentment at work.


The challenges you face at work can be burdensome and even chaotic.

Every workday you face is – or should be – special. Each one is a blank slate of tremendous possibilities and positive opportunities waiting for you to make your mark. The problem is that each workday often involves an email inbox full of messages to answer; a physical inbox filled with papers requiring your attention; and numerous other tasks, projects and personalities you must handle – usually under pressing deadlines.

In addition to doing a good job with your work, you probably face the daily pressures, problems and pretenses common to any workplace. These include dealing with office dramas and difficult colleagues; managing long-term workloads; staying current with constant – and confusing – technological change; and sometimes working for unpleasant, incompetent or indifferent bosses.

You have only so much energy – physical, spiritual and mental – to handle workday stress.

Many office workers put up with daily, constantly changing chaos. More and more ...

About the Author

Mary A. Camuto founded MC Consulting, a firm that specializes in leadership, organizational development, training design, group facilitation, managing chaos and effective communication.

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