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Change Proof

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Change Proof

Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-term Resilience


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No matter how well you plan, things change. Adjust your approach to change by building resilience.

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Plan B works when major changes come into your life – a new business, a failed relationship, health issues. However, in today’s volatile world, many changes don’t emerge clearly, but you must navigate the uncertainty and stress that inevitably follows. Resilience expert and best-selling author Adam Markel teaches you how to develop resilience to accept change and capitalize on its opportunities. He focuses on the “four realms” of the human character – body, mind, emotions and spirit – for building habits of resilience to help you thrive in the face of change.


Anticipate constant change in your life.

Constant change has become part of people’s lives. Uncertainty makes individuals feel anxious. In the past, often you could attribute stress and anxiety to major one-off events – a new job, a failed relationship or the onset of a health issue. You pivot with these changes; you create a plan B. Now in addition to these macro events, you constantly encounter small hiccups with your job, children and relationships. You cannot plan ahead for these micro pivots, nor can you avoid them. Cultivate a mind-set that flows with the uncertainty life offers and find opportunity in the disruption. To do this, you must develop resilience.

Many people believe that being resilient means fighting off stress and bouncing back to how their lives were before the disruption. Yet resilience takes on new meaning in the face of constant change and uncertainty – even with positive change, since that, too, causes stress. Instead of resisting change and trying to reduce uncertainty, accept change as a constant to gain a renewed perspective on stress and to become change-proof.

Become resilient by adhering to three principles: “Pause, Ask, Choose...

About the Author

Adam Markel is the co-founder of More Love Media, a professional training and coaching company that helps build work cultures of inspiration and resilience. He also wrote the bestseller Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.

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