Value: How to Talk about What You Do So People Want to Buy It

This book provides a practical guide to help convey your commercial value to new and existing customers. Written for those in service-based professions such as human services, professional services, and complex technical services, the book demonstrates that in order to use your expertise to help others, you must first convince them that they actually need your help in the first place – which isn’t always a simple process. Value shows readers: • Why buyers and sellers are so far apart (even though they want the same thing) • How forces that drive prices down are also forcing suppliers into boxes that don’t serve them, or their customers • The strategy to escape the ‘sea of same’ • The 3 drivers and 6 attributes that create real commercial value for customers • How to build an offer that prospective customers can’t say no to

Submitted by Robyn Haydon

Robyn Haydon, Bookpod, 2016-06-01
ISBN: 9781925457155



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Submitted by Robyn Haydon
August 17, 2016

Reviewed by Koni Gebistorf
August 19, 2016

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