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China’s AI Imperative

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China’s AI Imperative

The country’s massive investments in artificial intelligence are disrupting the industry – and strengthening control of the populace.


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Was ist drin?

The United States has led the world in artificial intelligence, but China continues to gain ground in the field.

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In the United States and around the world,  Silicon Valley fashioned the new technologies that have altered the way people live and consume goods. Things could change as China’s government has announced ambitious initiatives to further develop AI in both Chinese universities and the private sector. China aspires to be world leader in AI by 2030. With weak privacy laws and a large population, China has access to a massive amount of data and an advantage over competing countries with stricter policies. getAbstract recommends this article to anyone concerned with the global competition for dominance in AI.


China has ramped up investment in AI and made numerous contributions to the field in recent years.

China is a huge country with a large population that fervently participates online. In addition, China’s weak privacy laws provide companies with an abundance of data to train their AI programs on. China has made great strides in AI technology in the past five years. An article in The Boston Globe echoed that sentiment with the warning that China is only 6 months behind the United States in AI development. Research in China is also bolstered by young...

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Christina Larson is an award-winning journalist whose work has been published in Bloomberg News, Science, Wired and The New Republic.

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