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How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction

Chris BaileyViking • 2018

Energy and Productivity

by David Meyer

Chris Bailey, author of the best-selling The Productivity Project, details when and how to harness your focus for greatest productivity.

Chris Bailey, author of the best-selling The Productivity Project, bemoans how today’s world offers endless distraction, and people are busier than ever. Many, he cautions, live on autopilot, responding to whatever grabs their attention at any moment. Attention is a limited resource, argues Bailey, and you need to be intentional about how you expend it. Drawing on scientific research and self-experiments, Bailey offers practical steps to help you manage this valuable resource and live a more productive, creative and purposeful life.

The New York Times said Hyperfocus, “…teaches how to re-examine your tasks, determine your priorities and minimize interruptions.” Publishers Weekly wrote that Bailey, “…identifies distraction as an endemic problem plaguing the business world, and just about every facet of modern life as well…a must-read for readers seeking to regain control of their ability to concentrate.” And Booklist found this book will, “…appeal to a wide audience, from those in business to self-help seekers and busy parents.”

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