Tools of Titans
A review of

Tools of Titans

The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

Faddish Advice

by David Meyer

Best-selling author Tim Ferriss offers a cornucopia of dietary, training, spiritual, financial and drug advice to help you become successful.

Nothing should stop you from realizing your 10-year plan in six months, says household name Tim Ferriss – a best-selling author, podcast host and investor. He presents a seemingly bottomless compendium of modern wisdom he gleaned from hundreds of interviews with ex-Special Forces members, athletes, scientists, comedians, writers, actors, investors and entrepreneurs. 

Ferriss conveys their advice in his classic actionable, revelatory sound bites. Understanding his audience, the author boils every concept down to its most digestible, condensed form. Rather than vest in philosophies, Ferriss presents contemporary ideas that mostly relate to the body and how you might manipulate yours to become stronger, smarter and healthier. As always, Ferriss’s mad enthusiasm for his subject carries a certain featherweight quality, which, arguably, undermines his passion for what might be true health revelations – or may be just today’s fads.

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