Summary of Why Journalists Have an Obligation to Challenge Power

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Why Journalists Have an Obligation to Challenge Power summary
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Tradition says that journalists should report without bias, allowing their audience to draw the conclusions. But what if a reporter is covering a speech that includes outright lies? Should the reporter broadcast those falsehoods neutrally? Absolutely not, says Jorge Ramos, an Emmy Award–winning newscaster: Journalists must make moral judgments in their reporting, lest they become rote mouthpieces for those in power. In this Spanish-language lecture, Ramos recalls his famous 2015 confrontation with then presidential candidate Donald Trump and urges reporters to take a stance when warranted. Though always politically neutral, getAbstract recommends this talk to media professionals and political activists.

About the Speaker

Based in Miami, Mexican-American journalist and author Jorge Ramos is a newscaster for Univision.



Journalism exists to confront the mighty, not just to report the facts or parrot what people say. Though accurate reporting is essential, neutrality doesn’t always uncover the truth. Newscaster Jorge Ramos has upheld these principles since his career began. Soon after he became a television reporter in Mexico, he wrote an exposé of Mexico’s rigged presidential elections. When a supervisor tried to censor the report, Ramos quit and emigrated to the United States, where he eventually resumed his career in TV journalism. The US news media relentlessly criticized...

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    V. M. 3 years ago
    A lot appears in the press of the paid articles and how the world is struggling with it since the appearance of the periodical press
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    a. A. 3 years ago
    This obligation was surrendered long before Trump!