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Verified & curated

Verified & curated

The core of our solution is a vast, ever-growing database of verified knowledge curated from more than 27,000 books, videos, podcasts, talks and videos.

Bite-sized & time-saving

Bite-sized & time-saving

Our microlearning tools are designed for easy understanding and efficient learning in 15 minutes or less.

Self-Driven & collaborative

Self-Driven & collaborative

Whether your team members are on an individual learning path or collaborating with colleagues, getAbstract is equally efficient and convenient.



Combining human expertise with leading-edge AI, we match our content to your organization’s unique skill taxonomy and elevate your team through strategic upskilling and reskilling.

Seamlessly integrated

Seamlessly integrated

Our solution can be used on its own or seamlessly integrated into any LMS/LXP.

Dedicated L&D support

Dedicated L&D support

Your personal learning advisor provides tailored guidance to address your challenges, while our powerful dashboard allows you to measure impact in real-time.

Know. Do. Reflect. Repeat.

Know. Do. Reflect. Repeat.

For learning to be effective, it must lead to a change in behavior. getAbstract supports this transformation by helping learners absorb knowledge efficiently, apply it in a real-world setting, and reflect on their experiences.

Elevate your L&D ecosystem with knowledge that inspires

Inspiration can be a powerful catalyst for growth. The getAbstract solution is designed for ongoing personal and professional development.

Critical Thinking

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Individual solutions

Ideal for lifelong learners and leaders.

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Team solutions

Ideal for small teams.

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Corporate solutions

Ideal L&D solutions for companies of any size.

What our customers & partners say

We supply the world’s leading companies with the knowledge and tools that power their learning cultures.

I love being able to find relevant content and swiftly synthesize it and put it into action. The short summary format enables me to home in on the most essential, important nuggets very quickly.

We aim to inspire people to explore and experiment. getAbstract summaries and Journal articles support us in this mission by exposing people to novel ideas, new ways of thinking and different ways of working.

External references like getAbstract offer different points of view that help us consider the topic from a variety of angles.

Our corporate knowledge is a valuable asset that we want to preserve before it’s lost. getAbstract’s Custom Summary Service plays a key role in this process.

The guidance I receive from getAbstract’s Customer Success Manager is the gold standard in customer support.

Content is the fundamental building block of any learning platform.

getAbstract is my daily digest. The summaries are easy to read and easy to use. This allows us to raise awareness among employees about relevant topics.

The engagement is striking: Employees are using getAbstract not just to enhance their job-related competencies, but also to work on their own personal development.

getAbstract is a true partner. They take time to think about what our goals are and often come to us with ideas on new things we can try or ways we could benefit even more from the service we are getting.

The client relationship we have with getAbstract allows us to get the most benefit from our investment.

getAbstract is a perfect complement to existing learning tools. The provider’s openness toward other learning partners allows us to combine relevant learning resources rather than using them in isolation.

getAbstract shows that learning doesn’t have to be formal or take a large length of time. The whole concept of compressed knowledge is enormously powerful to me.

I love the fact that getAbstract content is consistent across the entire platform. Every abstract tells you exactly what you will get from it.

getAbstract brings a huge amount of knowledge, fresh ideas and new perspectives into our learning programs at Atlassian, and it does so in a simple and concise manner.

Time constraints are among the biggest obstacles preventing people from taking advantage of the training resources we offer. The big advantage of getAbstract is that it provides quick and easy access to relevant content.

According to a survey we ran internally, getAbstract came out top as the learning resource that people want to see more of.

The getAbstract library features validated and credited books and resources that drive results. This is how getAbstract brings our high-performance culture to life.

getAbstract fits with our new learning culture – it’s about those few minutes of learning you regularly fit into your day.

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