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getAbstract helps organizations boost learner engagement and inspires leaders and employees to put knowledge into action.

Two decades ago, our co-founders Thomas Bergen and Patrick Brigger created getAbstract with a clear vision: To help people make better decisions by providing them with relevant expert knowledge in easy-to-digest formats. Today, getAbstract is not only the world’s largest online library of compressed knowledge but a learning solution that grows and inspires leaders and employees worldwide.

What we do

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We find, rate and summarize the best business-relevant knowledge and turn it into easy-to-digest formats.

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We design learning tools that help individuals and teams to put knowledge into action.

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We offer ongoing support to our customers in aligning relevant content to their learning strategy and nurturing a sustainable learning culture.

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And we never stand still: We keep expanding our learning offerings and find new ways in which clients can benefit from our experience and reputation as a tried and true, high-quality learning solution.

The right insight at the right time can make all the difference. By providing easy access to summarized expert knowledge and learning tools, getAbstract helps professionals worldwide to apply knowledge efficiently. Our time-saving 15-minute summaries and tools foster self-directed learning, enrich formal development initiatives and support organizational objectives.

Know better. Do better.

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