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Advice for Graduates

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated. So what now? Probably, not many opportunities will come knocking at your door. Here’s some practical advice on what you have to learn and do to get your foot in the business door.


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The Rocket Years

How Your Twenties Launch the Rest of Your Life
Elizabeth Segran
Harper, 2020
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Launch Your Career

How ANY Student Can Create Relationships with Professionals and Land the Jobs and Internships They Want
Sean O'Keefe
Berrett-Koehler, 2021
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Angela Merkel
Harvard University, 2019

Make Your Bed

Little Things That Can Change Your Life…and Maybe the World
William H. McRaven
Grand Central, 2017
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Excellent Sheep

The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life
William Deresiewicz
Free Press, 2014
8 Video
Mark Zuckerberg
Harvard University, 2017
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J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech

Harvard University Commencement 2008
J.K. Rowling
Harvard University, 2008
8 Video
Sheryl Sandberg
University of California, Berkeley, 2016
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This Is Water

2005 Kenyon Commencement Address
David Foster Wallace
David Foster Wallace, 2005