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Artificial Intelligence

What’s artificial intelligence? Some say it’s about machine intelligence that’s comparable to natural intelligence or human cognition, such as learning or problem solving. Larry Tesler turns it around and says “Intelligence is whatever machines haven’t done yet.”

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Intelligent Machines That Learn Like Children

Machines that learn like children provide deep insights into how the mind and body act together to bootstrap knowledge and skills
Diana Kwon
Scientific American, 2018
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The Algorithmic Leader

How to Be Smart When Machines Are Smarter Than You
Mike Walsh
Page Two, 2019
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Silvio Palumbo et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2021
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The Next Generation AI

From Language to Models to Scale
Microsoft, 2021
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Jack Rae and Timothy Lillicrap
DeepMind, 2020
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The AI Book

The Artificial Intelligence Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries
Susanne Chishti et al.
Wiley, 2020
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Mike Lyons et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2021
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The AI Organization

Learn from Real Companies and Microsoft’s Journey How to Redefine Your Organization with AI
David Carmona
O'Reilly, 2019
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Confident Data Skills

Master the Fundamentals of Working with Data and Supercharge Your Career
Kirill Eremenko
Kogan Page, 2018