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Auto making is one of the world’s most important manufacturing industries – but for how much longer? Learn about traditional American brands, Japanese management methods, alternative fuel engines and the future prospects for an industry that runs on oil.

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9 Book

Toyota Production System

Beyond Large-Scale Production
Taiichi Ohno
Productivity Press, 1988
9 Book

The Machine That Changed the World

The Story of Lean Production – Toyota’s Secret Weapon in the Global Car Wars That Is Revolutionizing World Industry
James P. Womack et al.
Free Press, 2007
9 Book

The Toyota Way Fieldbook

A Practical Guide for Implementing Toyota’s 4Ps
David Meier and Jeffrey K. Liker
McGraw-Hill, 2005
8 Article

The Battery King

How did a Chinese company that few people have heard of manage to defeat German carmakers at their own game?
Henry Sanderson
The Wire China, 2022
9 Book

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson, 2020
9 Book


An Autobiography
Lee Iacocca and William Novak
Bantam, 2007
10 Book


The Seven Laws of Business that Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company
Robert A. Lutz
Wiley, 1998
10 Video
Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions, 2022
8 Article
Peter Wiedenhoff et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2022
8 Article
Daniel Schellong et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2021
10 Video
Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions, 2021
8 Book

The Future of the Automotive Industry

The Disruptive Forces of AI, Data Analytics, and Digitization
Inma Martínez
Apress, 2021