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Behavioral Economics

Bringing humanity back into economics: These abstracts explore the emotional, psychological, cultural and social factors that influence individuals’ and organizations’ economic and financial decisions. Learn what nudges, loss aversion, framing, game theory and a host of other aspects are adding to this growing field of study.


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New Lessons from Behavioral Economics

The long reach of life experience affects real-world economic outcomes, for policymakers and consumers alike
Ulrike Malmendier and Clint Hamilton
IMF, 2024
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Pricing Strategy

How Our Brains Keep Us Stuck
Melina Palmer
Behavioral, 2023
9 Book
Robert J. Shiller
Princeton UP, 2005


The Final Edition
Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler
Penguin, 2021
7 Report
Dietmar Fehr and Yannick Reichlin
CESifo Group Munich, 2021
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Why So Many COVID Predictions Were Wrong

The eviction tsunami never happened. Neither did the “she-cession.” Here are four theories for the failed economic forecasting of the pandemic era.
Jerusalem Demsas
The Atlantic, 2022
8 Book
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo
Public Affairs, 2019
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Stop. Think. Invest.

A Behavioral Finance Framework for Optimizing Investment Portfolios
Michael Bailey
McGraw-Hill, 2022
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Financial Temptation Increases Civic Honesty

Altruism and self-image, not selfishness, drive surprising findings
Shaul Shalvi
Science, 2019
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Narrative Economics

How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events
Robert J. Shiller
Princeton UP, 2019
8 Book
Richard H. Thaler
Princeton UP, 1994
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“Buy and Hold” No More

The Resurgence of Active Trading
Anish Acharya and Matthieu Hafemeister
A16Z, 2021