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How do you develop a successful business model? And how do you find alternatives once the market changes?

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8 Book
Florian Lüdeke-Freund et al.
Lüdeke-Freund, Breuer, Massa, 2022
9 Book

Working to Restore

Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World
Esha Chhabra
Beacon Press, 2023
9 Book


How Our Social Systems Are Failing Us and How We Can Fix Them
Paul LeBlanc
Matt Holt Books, 2022
9 Book

The Invincible Company

Business Model Strategies From the World’s Best Products, Services, and Organizations
Alan Smith et al.
Wiley, 2020
9 Book

The Business of Building a Better World

The Leadership Revolution That Is Changing Everything
David Cooperrider and Audrey Selian
Berrett-Koehler, 2021
8 Book
David J. Bland and Alex Osterwalder
Wiley, 2019
10 Book

Business Model Generation

A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers
Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
Wiley, 2010

A New Way to Think

Your Guide to Superior Management Effectiveness
Roger L. Martin
Harvard Business Review Press, 2022
9 Book

The Ends Game

How Smart Companies Stop Selling Products and Start Delivering Value (Management on the Cutting Edge)
Marco Bertini and Oded Koenigsberg
MIT Press, 2020
8 Video
Stéphane Garelli and Hans-Peter Siefen
NBF, 2020
7 Book

Value Proposition Design

How to Create Products and Services Customers Want
Alex Osterwalder et al.
Wiley, 2014
7 Report

Circular Economy Innovation & New Business Models Dialogue

Young Global Leaders Sharing Economy Dialogue Position Paper 2013
April Rinne
World Economic Forum, 2013

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