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Career Change

Broader than job search.


8 Book

Career Leap

How to Reinvent and Liberate your Career
Michelle Gibbings
Wiley, 2018
8 Article

The Happiest Way to Change Jobs

How to rock your work rather than let the work rule you
Arthur C. Brooks
The Atlantic, 2023
7 Article

Meet the Climate Quitters

An ever-growing roster of people are leaving their jobs to pursue careers combating climate change.
Oscar Boyd and Akshat Rathi
Bloomberg, 2023


The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work
Joanne Lipman
Mariner Books, 2023
7 Podcast
Jenna Kutcher and Ashley Stahl
Hubspot, 2022

Happen to Your Career

An Unconventional Approach to Career Change and Meaningful Work
Scott Anthony Barlow
Scott Anthony Barlow, 2022
8 Book


How Smart Professionals Change Careers – and Seize Success
Dawn Graham
AMACOM, 2022
8 Book

Survival Skills for Freelancers

Tried and Tested Tips to Help You Ace Self-Employment Without Burnout
Sarah Townsend
Sarah Townsend, 2020
8 Article

Ready to Quit Your Job?

Here Are the 17 Questions to Ask Yourself First
Elle Hunt
The Guardian, 2021
9 Video
Yancey Strickler
99U, 2020
7 Book

Clocking Out

A Stress-Free Guide to Career Transitions
Raymond Lee
SHRM, 2020
9 Podcast
Lindsay Gordon and Pete Mockaitis
How to Be Awesome at Your Job, 2020