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Master the skills to be an effective communicator.

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7 Book

Writing to Persuade

How to Bring People Over to Your Side
Trish Hall
Liveright, 2019
8 Book

Better Business Speech

Techniques, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work
Paul Geiger
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., 2017
8 Book

Nonviolent Communication

A Language of Life
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Puddledancer Press, 2003
7 Book

The Handshake

A Gripping History
Ella Al-Shamahi
Profile Books, 2021
8 Podcast
Julia Dhar and Julie Masters
Inside Influence, 2022
10 Article
Steven Pinker
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2014
8 Book

Why We Argue and How to Stop

A Therapist’s Guide to Navigating Disagreements, Managing Emotions, and Creating Healthier Relationships
Jerry Manney
TCK, 2022
8 Book

No Explanation Required!

A Woman’s Guide to Assert Your Confidence and Communicate to Win at Work
Carol Sankar
McGraw-Hill, 2021
7 Article

How to Ask for Help

You’re not weak or lazy – everyone needs support. Follow these steps to learn when to reach out, who to go to and what to say
Debbie Sorensen
Psyche, 2022
7 Book
Russell Craig and Joel Amernic
University of Toronto Press, 2021