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Corporate Alliances

What other organization is your perfect match? How can you form the right alliance to benefit your company? Applying the same strategies you'd use for private networking, build a network of alliances to form links with other organizations for your mutual benefit.


8 Book
Donald J. Trump
Random House, 1987
8 Podcast
Matt Arsenault
M&A Science, 2022
8 Article
Lars Frølund et al.
MIT Sloan Management Review, 2017
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Bruce A. Blonigen and Justin R. Pierce
Federal Reserve Board, 2016
8 Book

Operations Due Diligence

An M&A Guide for Investors and Business
James F. Grebey
McGraw-Hill, 2011
8 Article

How Airbnb Stopped Playing Nice

For years, Airbnb was the friendly foil to Uber. But when the stakes got higher, it learned to fight.
Brad Stone
Backchannel, 2017
8 Book

The Referral Engine

Teaching Your Business to Market Itself
John Jantsch
Portfolio, 2010
8 Article

Will Amazon Kill FedEx?

For UPS and FedEx, Amazon's been great for business. Now it's taking business away from them.
Devin Leonard
Bloomberg Businessweek , 2016
9 Book

One Billion Customers

Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China
James McGregor
Free Press, 2005
7 Article
Pia Tischhauser et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2016
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Hedge Fund, Meet Highway

New investments in infrastructure by private asset managers are changing the way the world finances its cities, power systems, and transportation links.
Julien Courbe and Peter Raymond
Strategy+business, 2016
8 Report
EY, 2016